SPA Center

SPA Center

·         Spa reception

The Spa procedures are necessary, even obligatory part of very vacation
Their purpose is in a short time period, with the help of the gifts of nature, the knowledge from the past, as well as with science and innovation to achieve relief from the accumulated stress, full relaxation and fill with energy for life.
In the SPA center of “Katarino” you may meet the achievements of the care for the human health from ages in the East and West. Here combined therapies and special packages, which are a pleasant surprise and gift for the health of each guest are offered.

The center is comprised of: thermal zone, zone for Spa therapies and massage, zone for relax with ceramic lounges, external zone with lounges for sun baths from spring to autumn

The visiting of the thermal zone is compliment for all guests of the complex.

The Spa reception is in the center of the facilities

The reservations for therapies are performed from here, where the guests may rely on the professional consultations of specialists with long years of experience. Individual visits of different facilities are offered, massage and procedures, as well as packages.

In the therapy zone are located 6 cabinets for massage.

 We recommend the Spa tour to begin with hydrobath with salts from dead Sea or with the relaxation on warm water beds and different mantling: with seaweeds against cellulite, with aloe Vera and goat butter for hydrating the skin.

 Unbelievable is the cabin of the noble stone, transmitting ideas from the ancient Chinese philosophy for the unity of all natural elements. The guests seat on warm ceramic benches and are alone in the smooth light of the room. The specially selected music, colors and fragrance stimulate the human sensibility and give pleasure. The body relaxes and gets warmer, thus preparing for the next procedure – classic European massage of the whole body. From the therapies of the East originates the hammam.

In its modern variety are the warm ceramic beds, on which the body relaxes. Therapists make peel of the body with soap and glove or with sea salt and honey.

 Curing therapy with clay includes the visit of serai bath Four different clay colors with different chemical composition and influence are used for covering the body. The with clay is for the face. The neck is covered with yellow, the belly and the front part of the body with red, and the other part – with gray clay. The music played relaxes the attention. In the first 10 minutes the cabin is filled in with warm air, which dries the clay on the body. In the next 10 minutes the flow is changed with strong warm steam, liquidizing the clay, and the ending warm douche washes it entirely from the body. The recommended procedure after serai bath is a light relaxing and smothering the skin massage for 30 minutes..

The bath of Cleopatra is also advisable.
It is with adding of goat milk, honey and fragrance of ether oils. 15 minutes are enough to prepare the body for the following massage.  Bath Flotationfeel the warmth, security and peace as in mothers womb.

The bath is with high concentration of salts and thus the body is on the surface, free from the natural gravity. The water is with the temperature of the body. The light in the room is progressively decreased and thus are removed all external irritants. It is considered that a hour in the bath is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep.