SPA Center

Thermal zone

The thermal zone is good place for relax, release of the daily pressure and gathering new strengths and health.
The thermal zone of hotelKatarino Spais designed in such way, that the guest is easily oriented in it and may consecutively use the different facilities according to his needs. The offered procedures aim the overcoming of the stress and clean the toxins from the body, stimulation of the living processes and health.

The zone is comprised of different types of halls with progressively increasing temperature, accompanied by douches, ice rubbing and fountains. The guests ofKatarino SPAmay use inside and outside pull, sauna, steam bath, douches, laconium.

The visit of the thermal zone before the massage and spa procedures considerably increases their effectiveness. The rest on warm ceramic lounges and the acclimatization to the normal room temperatures, is a ending stage of every thermal and spa adventure. Near to the zone there is Vitamin bar with fresh fruits and drinks. The use of the thermal zone in the SPA center  of complex “Katarino” 4* is a part of the main package with services, included in the price for accommodation in the hotel complex.