Delicious autumn desserts and homemade pickles at Katarino SPA Hotel

Delicious autumn desserts and homemade pickles at Katarino SPA Hotel

One of the things that Katarino SPA Hotel is proud of is the extremely tasty food prepared by excellent master chefs. In addition to craftsmanship, there is another important factor that determines the unique taste and aroma of the dishes in Katarino - for the preparation and use of natural products from their own farms and from local producers.

Be sure to enjoy the collection of exclusive desserts that chef Igor has prepared especially for the fall.

Poached quince with vanilla ice-cream

Quince spread in aromatic wine, served with homemade vanilla ice cream, garnished with natural quince jelly and walnuts and topped with wine-cream sauce

 Poached quince with ice-cream

Poached pear with homemade caramel ice-cream

Warm and cold delight with poached pear with cloves, complemented by fragrant home-made caramel ice cream and chocolate topping

 Poached pear with homemade ice-cream

 Try Katarino's pickle too!

The team of experienced chefs does not trust the preparation of food to external companies. Chef Igor loves to create and demands it from the whole team.

This is what the home-made appetizer of fresh tomatoes with a bouquet of mountain spices and our marinated hot peppers, cucumbers and carrots look like.

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They are delicious, aren't they?