Destination - places to go

Destination - places to go

Surrounded by green forests and meadows, overlooking the marble ridge of Pirin with its priceless mineral spring, Katarino Spa Hotel is your place to relax, rejuvenate and refill with positive energy.

The mount of Vihren is the second highest peak in Bulgaria / 2914 m above the sea level/ and 7th in Europe.

Pirin National Park, which has received its statute from UNESCO in 1983, is located on an area of 2585 sq.m. in Pirin mountain. Due the exclusive biodiversity Pirin National Park is included in the Convention for the protection of the world natural and cultural heritage.

Pirin Mountain captivates with its beautiful nature, which makes it a favorite destination for all-year-round tourism.

During the summer

During the summer you can climb the marked mountain tracks to peaks, lakes and landmarks. It is suitable for mountain biking with over 200 km routes to any settlement in the valley. If you are fond of different species of birds, butterflies, other animals or interesting plant species, visit Pirin Mountain because the variety will captivate you. There are convenient places for picnic and relaxation in nature.

During the winter

In winter the mountain is especially attractive. The ski resort of Bansko, which is a world-class resort, offers modern facilities and ski lifts for an unforgettable and exciting winter vacation.


The climate in the region of Pirin Mountain is diverse due to the large differences in the altitude. The gorges of the Struma and Mesta rivers are located in the lower parts, where the Mediterranean Sea has its impact on.

The climate here is moderate continental and the average temperature in the active winter season is about -2°C. Thus, the mountain climate in the higher parts has turned the region of Bansko-Razlog-Dobrinishte into an extremely attractive ski area from December to mid-April. The summer is hot and the nights cool, which is of benefit to tourism throughout the year.

Cultural historical places of interests

Katarino Spa Hotel is located only 5 km away from Razlog and 8 km from bansko, as you can reach Greece and the White Sea for three hours.

If you are interested in historic sites, landmarks, monasteries and churches, or would like to taste aromatic wine, visit Katarino Spa. This could be your starting point for daily interesting routes to the Rila Monastery, the chapel of St. Ekaterina, the churches in Dobarsko, the Obidim monastery, the church and the museums in Bansko and Razlog. Another idea for a walk is  Melnik - the valley of wine and the smallest town in Bulgaria, known for its thick and intoxicating wine. If you would like to immerse yourself in authentic architecture – choose the villages - Leshten and Kovachevitsa Reserves. The biggest attraction for the children is the Belitsa Dancing Bears Reserve. About 8 km away from Razlog there is an amusement park for children and adults with ropeways, archery, a climbing wall, ATV.


Golf and cycling tours, alpine running and horse riding, fishing and football, tennis and volleyball - all in Bansko – Razlog destination. Authentic folk songs and dances also complement the wide range of enjoyable, interesting and non-standard experiences.

A place full of energy with breathtaking beauty and a breath of pine - this is Katarino SPA, a place for filling with energy, spiritual purification and holistic practices and retreats.