Mineral Water – Healing Properties

Mineral Water – Healing Properties


The natural healing resources of Katarino SPA Center are its own source of low-mineralized thermal water and proven climatic healing potential of the adjacent southern slope of Rila Mountain.

The thermal water was discovered by an exploratory well in 1983 and has the following chemical composition:

  • Dissolved substances (mg/l) Potassium (K)   1.66
  • Natrium (Na)        127.0
  • Calcium (Ca)        12.4
  • Magnesium (Mg)   0.079
  • Fluoride (F)       4.0
  • Chloride (Cl)        7.3
  • Sulphate (SO4)      255.0
  • Hydrocarbonate (HCO3) 30.1
  • Silicon dioxide (SiO2)     27.0
  • Total mineralization (mg/l)       470.0
  • Ph      9.1

 Concerning the genesis and chemical composition the water is similar to or equal to the thermal waters of more than 10 balneotherapy centers in the Rila – Rhodope region and Central Highlands, as well as to certain low-mineralized healing thermal waters in the Pyrenees, Corsica, Vosges and the Polish-Czech Sector of the Sudetes. Important geochemical indicators for the mineral nature of water are the increased content of fluoride, silicon, tungsten and germanium.

Katrino mineral water is equally valuable and usable for bathing and drinking healing treatments and programmes.

Climatotherapy in Katarino SPA

The healing properties of Katrino climate and the entire southern slope of the Rila Mountains is conditioned by meteorological, thermal, light (ultraviolet) and ionizing factors that stimulate health and healing processes. The southern slope of Rila Mountains have strong advantages in sunshine, cleanliness of the atmosphere, natural protection against cyclone storms and winds.

Particularly valuable is the descending transfer of ionized air masses from the high parts of the mountain.

Diseases for which the stay in Katarino SPA Hotel is shown

The combined use of the healing properties and effects of mineral water, climatic environment, motor activity and healthy eating gives the opportunity to the SPA Centre to offer effective treatment and prevention programmes for the following diseases and prodromal conditions: 

  • Non-specific respiratory diseases, including chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and allergy-based diseases;
  • Cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, conditions after myocardial infarction and cardiac surgery;
  • Neurogenic diseases: neuroses, neurasthenia, states of mental fatigue, stress and insomnia;
  • Metabolic (endocrine-metabolic) diseases: diabetes mellitus, gout, thyrotoxicosis, obesity;
  • kin diseases, including psoriasis;
  • Anemia;
  • Convalescence (getting better) conditions from the above mentioned diseases