Flotation Bath

Flotation Bath

Magnesium sulphate flotation bath - powerful anti-stress effect and pleasure of weightless floating

A flotation bath is a type of halotherapy that uses a warm bath with a saturated 30% solution of magnesium sulphate. The therapy relaxes the body and mind by eliminating constant stimuli from the outside world. At Katarino SPA it is combined with chromo and music therapy and lasts for 40 minutes.

The high concentration of magnesium sulphate salts do not allow the body to sink but keep it floating on the surface of the water.

The therapy begins with going into a bathtub with water temperature of 36-37 degrees C with the sounds of quiet and relaxing music, while vertical panels mounted in the walls emit lights in bright green, flaming red and copper-gold that influence body and mind. At some point the lights go out, the music stops and the therapy continues in absolute silence. It relaxes the body, takes you away from the external world and is a powerful factor in relieving the accumulated stress and emotions during tense business days.

Magnesium sulphate is extremely beneficial for the body because it complements its reserves with the invaluable element of magnesium. Magnesium penetrates the entire surface of the skin while you are in the bathtub and helps relieving and stopping cramps, muscle aches, insomnia, chronic fatigue and headaches, making skin and hair soft and silky.

Flotation therapy benefits:

  • Reduces stress, tension, anxiety
  • Reduces symptoms of depression and burnout
  • Helps with chronic migraines and insomnia
  • Increases the levels of dopamine and endorphins in the body
  • Helps muscles recovery and reduces the risk of sports injuries
  • Improves cognitive functions of the brain such as memory, focus, concentration and creativity
  • Strengthens immunity and saturates the body with magnesium
  • Helps to overcome faster the time difference after travelling
  • Relieves weight and tension with pregnant women (if you are in the third trimester, consult your doctor)


Be alone for a while, feel your own body for an hour, rest your mind and restore your energy balance.