Thermal zone


Salt room

Heliotherapy/healing with salt/ is the best way to maintain healthy respiratory system and also to keep down the risk of getting flue and cold. 

It reduces stress, headache, fatigue and depression. It invigorates you energy and psychological stability, helps for better sleep, improves the mood and recovers health.

Salt therapy is extremely suitable and h...

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Finish and Kiva Saunas


The combination of dry air in the saunas and the high temperature of  80-90°C have positive effects on the detox cation, relieves muscle pain, improves functioning of the heart, improves blood pressure and the overall tone of the organism.

The effects of the sauna plus healthy nutrition and moderate physical exercising will help you lose weight and stay heal...

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It is a warm room with a temperature of 35 degrees, heated benches and walls, pleasant aromas and relaxing music. You end up with the feel of freshness, physical and mental relaxation, relief from stress.The effect of relaxation is completed with the healing action of various aromas and music Pregnant women and small children as well as people with high blood pressure can us...

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Tepidarium has taken central place in the ancient roman culture. The warm stone beds make you relax and sink into them and after that our relaxation area will make your holiday even more thorough.

Tepidarium is a light and refreshing procedure. Since the temperature in it is close to that of the human body, it is fine to be used by people with problems when exposed t...

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Ice fountain

To cool down in between the hot procedures, stop by the ice fountain and rub yourself with some ice particles. This will revitalize you and will prepare you for more spa experience. After sauna there is nothing better to cool down than the small icy particles which will cause your skin tingle like having pins and needles through it. This improves blood circulation and enhanc...

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Adventure shower


It is right next to the laconium. It sprays you with different jets of cold and cool water that refreshes you and stimulates the blood circulation. It effectively removes fatigue and stress. Adventure shower is an excellent way to experience contrast procedure amongst the hot therapies in the Spa center.

The combination of altering strong water jets from all directio...

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It offers the latest   TechnoGym equipment - treadmill, cross-trainer, exercise bike, combined weighted device, free weights. In our gym you will be able to have a full workout combined with the unique panoramic view of Pirin Mountain.

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Infrared sauna


One of the main advantages of infrared saunas is that the body heats up locally, while the air temperature remains no higher than 50-60°C and the humidity is low. Thus, the heart load is less, which allows a longer stay in the sauna than traditional saunas. As the respiratory system is not exposed to hot air or high humidity, breathing is also not difficult.

An i...

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Panoramic steam bath with stunning mountain views

  The steam bath originates from the exotic world of the Orient, where the fabulous heroine Scheherazade spent much of her time amidst the muffled sounds of pouring water, wet marble benches and fragrant oils, claiming that a city without a hammam (bath) is not a city.

Steam bath is an excellent means of restoring strength, cleansing the body of the slag, q...

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Relaxing area with lit fireplace


This relaxing area can only make you do one thing: close your eyes and feel yourself while watching the beautiful flames of the burning wood. Immerse yourself in the large, comfortable chairs around the fireplace and indulge in privacy, bliss and serenity.

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