Winter at Katarino Spa Complex

It is beautiful. One keeps looking at the white mounts of Pirin and cannot get enough of its beauty. Snow does not last for too long in towns nowadays but it is up there, in the mountains from December until the end of April.


The ski season in the winter capital of the Balkans – Bansko – is long and filled with winter events. Gondolla lift starts work especially for the students holiday on 8th December. Every year in the middle of December there is a grand party celebrating the opening of the new ski season. The list of celebrities who have attended the opening of the ski season over the years is a long one. They have all embraced the cause of becoming ambassadors of Bansko as a ski centre around the world.

Katarino Spa Hotel provides its guests with a complimentary and regular shuttle bus service to Ski Centre Bansko.

ski map bansko

Ski Centre Bansko – Info

Official opening: in 2003 by the Italian alpine ski legend Alberto Tomba who has become the godfather of the slope on which the competitions for the ski world cup are held.

Point of lowest altitude: Bansko 1000 m a.s.l.

Point of highest altitude: Mount Todorka 2600 m a.s.l.

Total lengh of ski tracks: 75 km

18 modern ski lifts

Length of the ski road is 16km. The ski road starts from a point with an altitude of 1600 m a.s.l. and ends at the bottom station of the Gondola lift.

In the centre of the world sport

A strong ambition, a celebrities lobby, hard work, professionalism, right condition and love to the winter sports – all that gives a good result. Bansko has been hosting world cup events in:

2009 – Alpine Ski world cup for women

2011 – Alpine Ski world cup for women

2012 – Alpine Ski world cup for men

2015 – Alpine Ski world cup for women /27th February/

2017 – Snowboard world cup for men and women / 3rd-5th February/

2018 – Snowboard world cup /26th-28th February/

2019 – Alpine ski world cup for men /22nd- 24 th February/

2020 – Alpine ski world cup for women/25th – 26th January/

2021 – Alpine ski world cup for men /27th -28th February/ and Alpine skiing world cup for competitors up to 20 years of age

Other and less famous winter resorts in the area:

Ski Slope Kulinoto in Razlog

Ski Centre Semkovo close to Belitza

Ski Centre Dobrinishte