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Thermal Area

Salt room

Halotherapy/healing with salt/ is the best way to maintain a healthy respiratory system and also to keep down the risk of getting flue and cold.

Finish and Kiva Saunas

Say “Goodbye” to toxins and suspensory liquids, relax and give new life to your body.


Laconium is a warm room with a temperature of 35 degrees, heated benches and walls, pleasant aromas, and relaxing music.


Топлите каменни лежанки Ви очакват да се отпуснете на тях, а зоната ни за релакс ще направи почивката Ви още по- пълноценна.

Ice fountain

За охлаждане между топлите процедури се обтрийте с лед, което ще Ви тонизира и подготви за още СПА изживявания.

Adventure shower

Приключенският душ е идеален вариант за контрастна процедура след горещите терапии в СПА центъра.

Infrared sauna

One of the main advantages of infrared saunas is that the body heats up locally, while the air temperature remains no higher than 50-60°C, and the humidity is low.

Panoramic steam bath with stunning mountain views

The steam bath is an excellent means of restoring strength, cleansing the body of the slag, quenching health, and losing weight.

Relaxing area with a lit fireplace

This relaxing area can only make you do one thing: close your eyes or feel yourself while watching the beautiful flames of the burning wood.


In our gym, you will be able to have a full workout combined with the unique panoramic view of Pirin Mountain.

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