Cosmetic brands



Filorga is an expert in anti-age cosmetics. Its history dates back to the 1970s, when Dr. Tordjman begins research on the problems of skin aging. The brand has proprietary NCTF® technology, a unique solution that slows down this process and corrects imperfections that have already occurred. Filorga combines the procedures of medical practice and the plea...

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Photo Therapy with LED light


Light waves are directed at the very core of the skin. They reach the mitochondria by generating ATP energy that is directly used by the cells.

It emits 4 different lights, works in two modes - pulsating and continuous, treating different problems. It soothes sensitive skin, suppresses inflammation and stimulates collagen formation.

We used 4 types of...

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YON-KA is a high quality professional French cosmetics. The products are manufactured only at the Multalerie Lab in Paris, which is a guarantee of the highest quality.

What is unique and different about YON-KA is the synergistic incorporation of essential oils and plant extracts into the same cosmetic product, which greatly enhances its effectiveness. Multalerator La...

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