Hydrotherapy with healing mineral water

Hydrotherapy with healing mineral water

Flotation bath, Tangent bath, Cleopatra hydromassage scented bath

Hydromassage has an especially positive effect over diseases and traumas of the musculoskeletal apparatus. It relieves the pains associated with them as well as helps for the quick recovery when pains occur because of overwork. It soothes and has general positive effect on the nervous system. It has god effect when under stress, chronic fatigue, insomnia. Hydromassage contributes for normalizing of the substance exchange and the work of the immune system.

The actual procedure is a relaxing hot tub filled with mineral water that is made especially for you by adding some relaxing energizing aroma salts and natural etheric oils. Simply relax and the healing power of the mineral water and the aromatherapy will take care of you to feel healthy, fresh and happy.

Contra-indicationswith pregnant women, with open wounds or during active inflammation  process, with heart diseases and infections.