Photo Therapy with LED light

Photo Therapy with LED light

Light waves are directed at the very core of the skin. They reach the mitochondria by generating ATP energy that is directly used by the cells.

It emits 4 different lights, works in two modes - pulsating and continuous, treating different problems. It soothes sensitive skin, suppresses inflammation and stimulates collagen formation.

We used 4 types of lights for the therapies:

• Blue - cleanses the skin

• Green - removes pigmentation

• Yellow - soothes the skin

• Red - penetrates deep into the skin stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

How it works and what it cures

This technology effectively delivers therapeutically active components through the micropores in the deeper layers of the skin under the influence of light waves. By changing the wavelength of light, one can work on different parts of the face and using appropriate cosmetics to meet specific aesthetic problems.

Acne treatment

Healing blue light acts directly on the problem itself, destroying the bacteria that cause acne. The sebaceous glands are normalized, the pores become less visible, the skin becomes smooth and clean.

Correction of age-related changes

By improving blood microcirculation and increasing the oxygen supply to cells, the skin becomes more elastic and hydrated. Clinical studies show that under the influence of LEDs in the epidermis increases the amount of collagen and elastin, light wrinkles are smoothed, and deep wrinkles are less noticeable, generally slows down the aging process.

Lifting effect

Photon therapy helps to improve the turgor of the skin, tightens the tissues of the face and body. This solves the problem of loss of elasticity of mature skin.

Treatment of pigmentation

Photon therapy has proven to be very useful in the treatment of pigmentation, including deep and age spots.

Treatment of skin injuries

LEDs are used to restore the skin after sunburn, treat mild burns after intense pulsating therapy, help to improve the condition of the skin with rosacea, dilated and ruptured capillaries, scars.


Advantages of photon therapy with LED lights:

- Safety

- Non-invasive procedure

- Suitable for any skin phototype

- No side effects

- Does not require a recovery period