Xbody in Katarino SPA Hotel

Xbody in Katarino SPA Hotel

The effective method for losing weight, eliminating cellulite and tightening muscles
Innovative fitness workout for a beautiful body

Xbody is the new hit in the search for an effective way to lose weight or rehabilitate without the need for tiring diets or strenuous exercise.

You are under the constant supervision of a professional personal trainer who will take care of your motivation and the correct performance of the exercises.

NO RISK OF INJURIES AND TRAUMAS The impulses reach the muscles directly, which protects the joints and tendons from overload, as well as decreases the risk of injuries and trauma.

REHABILITATION If you suffer from back pain due to a sedentary lifestyle or you are recovering from an injury, EMS training will help you recover faster and completely.

What is Xbody

This is electromagnetic stimulation of the body (EMS), in which muscles contract and relax through electrical impulses. This stimulation of the muscles restores their elasticity and tightens the body.

How does it workout

The training lasts 25 minutes, and the degree of load on the body is determined by a professional instructor according to an individual training plan. The choice of load is made using a unique interface that is part of the equipment.

You wear a suit that fits snugly all over your body and guarantees you 100% training efficiency and muscle stimulation in depth.


The result is visible even after 10 workouts, especially if combined with a proper diet. The feeling of your body is different because it becomes stronger, your skin - more elastic and beautiful.

Recommended mode

Workouts - 2 times a week


The method is gentle on the joints because there are no weights and loads on the joints.
The suits are disinfected after each use.


Every guest of Katarino SPA Hotel or an external client will be able to use a workout upon request at the SPA reception, tel.: 0359 893 036610

Training (25 min.), number  Price per package, BGN
1 40
4 144
8 270


Xbody should not be used in people with an implanted medical device, severe cardiovascular disease, cancer, pregnancy, muscle atrophy, or if they are affected by alcohol or drugs during exercise.

From 18.09.2020 expect a special package "Xbody Katarino", in which we will combine the effect of 1 Xbody workout with activities in nature and the power of mineral water in Katarino. During your stay for 2 nights / 3 days, you will be able to eat healthily with natural products from Katarino SPA's own farms.