Katarino SPA Wellness area


Serail bath

It is an individual steam bath with natural aromas where you can cover yourself with a mask over your whole body with green, red or white clay or with healing mud. This therapy has nourishing and detox effect on your skin, giving it glow.


Mud applications have complex healing influence: they improve the processes of exchange in the body, enhance the im...

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Precious stones therapy


Precious stones equally well give and take energy, depending on their positive and negative vibrations. They activate the energy centers of the body and for the development of sensitivity.

The energizing therapy with precious stones, colours and aromas improves the energy balance of the organism and neutralizes the negative vibrations. If you need an experience which...

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Hydrotherapy with healing mineral water

Flotation bath, Tangent bath, Cleopatra hydromassage scented bath

Hydromassage has an especially positive effect over diseases and traumas of the musculoskeletal apparatus. It relieves the pains associated with them as well as helps for the quick recovery when pains occur because of overwork. It soothes and has general positive effect on the nervou...

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With us you can enjoy full body massages - classic, relaxing and aromatherapy massages with BIO herbal and essential oils, volcanic stone massage, anti-cellulite massage.

Massages can be individual, aromatic, for couples, for kids, or a special massage for pregnant women.

We also offer partial scalp, back, sh...

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SPA rituals

Spa rituals provide total body care through a combination of various spa therapies, techniques and the use of cosmetic and organic products.

Katarino SPA Center offers individual spa rituals for complete reenergizing, antistress, exotic delight, chocolate temptation and oriental and nourishing ritual, oriental foam massage, ancient Cleopatra ritual. We have rituals f...

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Facial treatments


At Katarino Spa we offer facial treatments that include complete facial skin care with a wide selection of products for every skin type. We work with high quality cosmetic brands: Yon-ka and Filorga will give your skin freshness, vibrancy and radiance to regenerate its full beauty.

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Flotation Bath

Magnesium sulphate flotation bath - powerful anti-stress effect and pleasure of weightless floating

A flotation bath is a type of halotherapy that uses a warm bath with a saturated 30% solution of magnesium sulphate. The therapy relaxes the body and mind by eliminating constant stimuli from the outside world. At Katarino SPA it is combined with chrom...

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Cryotherapy - the old new method of treatment with cold


What is cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a well-known method of treating colds dating back hundreds of years. The development of modern technologies allows it to be improved and applied effectively to the whole body.

Cryo from English means freezing, and cryosaunas are the new modern invention that allows cooling the whole body, without the head, t...

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