Prevention measures against Covid - 19 in Katarino SPA Hotel

Prevention measures against Covid - 19 in Katarino SPA Hotel

Prevention measures against Covid - 19 in Katarino SPA Hotel

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 Dear guests,

To ensure a safe stay in Katarino SPA Hotel, we have developed a system of measures that will be implemented after the opening of the complex on 25.06.2020.

We will take full responsibility for their application in order to preserve your health!

1.      Reception

-        Measuring the temperature of guests entering the hotel lobby and registering at the reception. Requirement to use disinfectant upon entry.

-        Putting safety glasses on the reception

-        Completion of a declaration according to sample for lack of infection with Kovid - 19.

-        Controlling the crowds of guests in order to ensure fast movement and compliance with the regulated distances. 

2.      Hotel rooms and suites

-        Mandatory disinfection of the 10 most frequently touched areas such as door handles, wardrobes, main surfaces in the bathroom, consumables, telephone, remote control, beds and duvets, surfaces and other items in the room (safe, minibar, kettle) ) regularly with disinfectant. Especially before check-in and after departure of guests.

-        Place a Clean Stay sign on the room door.

-        Leaving wet wipes / disinfectant for use in the hotel room

3.      Restaurants and bars

-        Disinfection of the sites every 2 hours and placement of disinfectant for general use at the entrance.

-        Providing a safe distance of 1.5 meters between tables. Serving guests with gloves and helmets / masks.

-        Block table - service by a chef 

Hotel Katarino

4.      SPA center

-        Strict monitoring of the level of disinfectants in the water. Adjustment of entrance / exit for use of swimming pools and the adjacent free zone. The sunbeds will be used with individual towels and will be disinfected after each use

-        Spa service with gloves and masks

-        Hourly schedule for disinfection of the equipment in the SPA center.

-        Application of Seating management.

-        maximum number of guests that will be allowed simultaneously in the indoor pool - 20 people and in the outdoor pool - 10 people. The limit for the children's pool is 5 children.

-        simultaneous use of the area around the fireplace - maximum 10 guests

-        maximum number of guests simultaneously in the Fitness cener - 4

-       all facilities in the thermal area will work - saunas, steam baths, tepidarium, laconium, ice fountain, salt room

Hotel Katarino

5.      Children's club

-        Organizing animation for children outdoors

-        Hourly schedule for disinfection of surfaces, equipment, toys, etc.

-        Mandatory filling in of a declaration by a parent for the health status of the child.

-        Prevention of children in poor health and notifying the Manager.

6.      Common areas, elevators (including toilets)

-        Cleaning the common areas every 3 hours with disinfectant.

-        Disinfection of frequently touched areas such as handrails, elevator buttons, door handles, surfaces, water taps, cistern, handles, seats and covers, washbasins, door knobs, buttons and switches.

With best regards,

The Managing team of Katarino SPA Hotel