Spa with mineral water - what are the benefits and why choose it?

Spa with mineral water - what are the benefits and why choose it?

The origin of the word SPA comes from the name of a Belgian city whose mineral waters have been used for drinking and thus many people have been cured of various diseases. The word is supposed to be an abbreviation for various Latin phrases such as "sanitas per aquas" which means "health through water" or "Solus Per Aqua" which translates to "water in itself". Today, SPA in Bulgaria means power and beauty through the magic of the Bulgarian thermal water springs.

There are few countries, not only in Europe but also globally, that can compete with Bulgaria when it comes to the abundance and diversity of thermal deposits. More than 600 mineral springs have been discovered and studied in Bulgaria, 80% of which have healing properties. They are known for their diverse chemical composition, as well as their rich content of minerals and microcomponents. The Bulgarian spa resorts have the advantage that they are located in very favorable climatic regions, providing an exceptional opportunity to combine spa treatment with climate treatment.

Many people are looking for a way to improve their health, both physically and mentally. Since ancient times, mineral water has been preferred for the treatment of various diseases. Wondering how mineral water helps?

The answer is in the name. It springs from the Earth's interior and contains various minerals such as sodium, iron, magnesium, calcium and more. As you know, the human body needs exactly these minerals to function properly. Mineral water is well known for its ability to strengthen the human immune system and purify the body of toxins. It is used for SPA, balneotherapy and prevention of chronic inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, it is also favorable for the postoperative prevention of old injuries, inflammatory diseases of the nervous system, kidney stones, liver, stomach, inflammation of the respiratory system neuroses as well as chronic poisoning with some heavy metals, which has all the amenities, modern facilities for relaxation and mineral water!

Mineral water has a number of advantages, and allergic skin reactions are not observed when used regardless of the therapy. It has the ability to calm nerves, eliminate stress and tension, and this is the best way to promote and preserve our health. Coupled with a properly selected spa hotel, a vacation can be a real story. There are many SPA destinations in Bulgaria, but why choose Katarino for your spa holiday?

Katarino SPA Hotel has a luxurious thermal zone in which you will find:
- indoor and outdoor mineral water pools with a temperature of 30 degrees, which operate all year round, except for the children's pool, which is used only during the summer months.
- Salt room with Himalayan salt, which purifies the air, has a relaxing effect on the body and contains more than 80 minerals needed by the body.
- infrared sauna with a room temperature not exceeding 50-60 degrees, suitable for all for whom high temperatures are not recommended.
- a traditional and aromatic bath, which with its almost 100% humidity and temperature of 45-50 degrees will relax your senses to enjoy true relaxation.
- Finnish sauna - with its temperature of 80-100 degrees Celsius it has a detoxifying effect, relieves muscle pain, improves cardiac output and blood pressure.
- lanconium - a room with a temperature of 50-60 degrees, in which you can relax on heated benches and enjoy the pleasant aromas under the sounds of relaxing music.
- tepidarium - warm stone beds are waiting for you to help you forget about the hectic, busy workplace.
- knay bench - by applying this procedure, by alternating the hot and cold stream of water, the immune system is strengthened and the circulation is improved.
- Ice Fountain - Allows spa guests to cool off during warm treatments.
- Adventure showers - After using the sauna and steam room, these horizontal and vertical jets of water have the role of refreshing and energizing the body.
- seril bath - a warm room where guests can apply a mask on their own body with clay or healing mud containing minerals that nourish, purify and tone the skin.

- warm room with precious stones - therapy is a delight for the body, because through noble stones, colors and aromas, it improves the energy balance of the body and neutralizes the negative vibrations.
- Warm scented bath - it is prepared individually for each guest, depending on his preferences and needs. The combination of natural essential oils and mineral water not only pamper the senses but also have healing properties.
Of course, a true spa holiday cannot be complete without a relaxing massage. Katarino SPA Hotel has a great team of highly qualified massage therapists who can provide you with the perfect restart you need.
The state-of-the-art facilities provide excellent facilities for both relaxation and effective treatment of many ailments, as well as providing a unique atmosphere for a relaxing and relaxing spa holiday. Adding to the wonderful beauty of the region, the Catarino Spa Hotel is a symbol for a relaxing holiday in nature!