The mountain in summer at Katarino SPA

The mountain in summer at Katarino SPA

Three mountains, three gates to nature, lots of benefits

Choose Pirin Mountain

Katarino Spa hotel is situated in fact in Rila mountain, but the complex is overlooking at Pirin mountain. Pirin National Park is separated in several areas. Each area has its own approach, specifics, tourists routes and places of interest. In fact what Katarino Spa guests see from their rooms are the forests and peaks of Bayuvi Dupki Nature reserve.

Bayuvi Dupki - Dzhindzhiritsa

The hiking routes start from Betolovoto area in direction to Yavorov hut.You can park your vehicle on the wide meadow near the villa of the forestry enterprise. From there you can start your way up the mountain, following a wide forest road which will lead you all the way to Yavorov hut. Kids will be very excited to see and follow “The lair of Bear “ – which is actually a hiking eco track, created by Pirin National Park Head Office. It will be unforgettable experience for them to slip into the forest of  beech trees, and may be encounter some wild bores or deer, since forest is full with wild life.

Yavorov Hut /1740 m a.s.l./is a cosy and nice place. It is 12km away from Razlog. It is open for visitors all year long. You can always find food in the dining room of the hut. The hut celebrates its holiday on Ilinden -  2nd August. You can light up a candle in a small chapel, named “All Saints” in which foundation it is embedded a stone from the Bulgarian Zograf monastery in the Holy Mount of Athos.

The shortest and easiest hiking route which is suitable for kids is Haidushka polyana. The place is beautiful and secluded among century-old white fir trees. The place is also know as Yavorova polyana, since here the poet Peyo Yavorov was writing his exiting poetry in his revolutionary years.

Yavorov hut is connected also with the most extreme route in Pirin mountain: namely mount of Koncheto – mount of Vihren – Vihren hut. From Yavorov hut you can follow the newly renovated route markings which will lead you to climb the emblematic for Razlog the mount of Sabitzite or also called The Steps.

The less known northern part of Pirin

With the help of a mountain guide you can climb from Yavorov hut to the crest of Pirin and from there to head to the west, crossing the springs of Byala reka – the river which flows through town of Razlog, to Dautotov mount, Pleshki mount and the mount of Pirin. From Pirin Mount one can climb down on the side of the mountain reaching the village of Senokos and the gorge of Struma river.

Bayuvi Dupki Nature reserve - Dzhindzhiritsa

The spectacular and ancient forest of white fir trees astounds with its beauty. Its impact is amazing. This area of the mountain is restricted for free entering in order to minimize the influence of man over the nature. Only with approved by Pirin National Park Head Office letter of request and with the presence of one of their experts you could have the chance to find yourself in that sacred forest kingdom.

Vihren Mount area of the National Park

The starting climbing point is from Bansko. At the entrance of Pirin National Park the guests can benefit from visiting the newly built Information Centre. The expositions are interesting and kids will have fun there. There you can get lots of interesting information, as well as receive a genuine map of tourist routes.

Vihren Hut is 18 km away from Bansko

The region is very busy with tourists during national holidays and the months of July, August and September. Our advice to you is when planning to go to the mount of Vihren, Muratovo lake, Okoto lake and others it is recommended to choose any days from Monday through Friday  and during the month of June. It has been getting popular over the recent years people to meet the sunrise on 1st July on the mount of Vihren. 

If you really love the mountain you could  hike along the marked   route all the way to Vihren Hut. That route starts at the bottom station of the Gondola lift. Soon you will find yourself at the historic area of Kalyata /Peshterite, translated as “The caves”/ where you could get some rest and some snack at the nearby picnic area. Then proceed along the riverbed of Banderishka river and finish at Banderitsa Hut.

Kalyata Fortress

An interesting idea, which is being promoted by the mounting cyclists’ society in the region, is associated with Kalyata/Kaleto/ Fortress in Bansko and with the place Kalyata in the area of Betelovoto close to Razlog. It is a well-known fact that in the past all the trade roads were built in the foot of the mountains, while observation and support points were placed within certain distance. Such a trade road has been preserved even nowadays. If you take the opposite direction, you could go to Saint Nikola place which is on the border line between Bansko and Dobrinishte. Then it leads you to the Saint Pantalymon monastery in Dobrinishte and from there the road goes to Nevrokop, which town is called Gotze Delchev these days.

Demyanitsa Hut

The asphalt road leads to the place of Karierata, after that it turns into a nice forest road all the way to the hut. This route is special due to the positive even healing effects it has on the hikers following it. One walks along the riverbed and shores of the rapidly flowing Demyantsa river and amongst the pine trees of an old forest. The air is fresh with high oxygen density filled with water particles. Specialists speak of the impact the place has on people’s health as an effect of a natural barochamber.

Once arrived at Demyanitsa Hut peple can see the beautiful Vasilashki lakes in the distance, also the lake of Todorini ochi. From the hut it starts the route to Todorka Mount.  The streams of Demyanitsa river mark the direction to the popular route to Tevno lake.

Bezbog area of the National Park

The treshhold to it is Dobrinishte.

There is a chair lift - veteran  - with a bottom station from Gotze Delchev Hut which takes you in 25 minutes to Bezbog Hut. The beautiful lakes and wondrous views, the numerous legends about the area have established its popularity and made it the heart of Pirin Mountain.

The mythical meeting of the sun rise in the longest day of the year 22nd June at the Popovo lake is a very popular event. Bezbog Hut is a starting point of numerous hiking routes such as: climbing mounts like Bezbog – Polezhan – Gazey; Popovo lake – Dzhano, Popovo lake – Dzhangal, the Samodivski lakes, the Kremenski lakes, the Breznishki lakes, the Tevno lake